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September 27, 2008


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Christopher Deignan

Great site, excellent writing. I've become a big fan of Long Island public courses of late and love to explore new ones at every opportunity. I've recently become reacquainted with Lido and look forward to many more rounds there, it's a terrific challenge. I write occasionally about my golfing experiences for examiner.com and am inspired by the quality of your pieces to up my game.


Lido is always in horrible shape. Some holes dont even have fairways, just short rough. They need to put some serious money into this course and fix it up.

The greens fees here should be $25. It absurd that they charge more than this.


I played Lido recently and it has really gone downhill since I first played there. The pace of play was really slow even though we teed off around 7 AM. It took 5+ hours to finish our round.

The conditions were bad as well with duck droppings everywhere and a lot of bare ground. It's a real shame since the course layout is challenging and fun. They should definitely try to do a better job of maintaining this course.


i Played Lido July 22, 2012 and it was in the worst condition of any course i have played all year by far. you could not tell where the rough ended and the fairways began on any of the holes, every tee box was a different length which really playes with your head when your sticking your tee in the ground, and by far the worst part was that you could not walk around the course without getting stuck behind a rope. there were numerous fairways that you could not hit out of because it was either under repair our just dirt.

All of these problems along with a 5 hour round means i will not be back here for a long time.


Has anyone played at Lido Beach in 2013? I have a tee time this Sunday (August 11, 2013) and hoped that I could see some reviews of the conditions.


Got word back in May that the greens were in good shape, and that was before aeration. Overall the course was a little rough around the edges at the time. Not sure how it's stood up to foot traffic since then or how it handled the heat wave and lack of rain.

george steen


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