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August 04, 2009


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I Played this course August 3rd 2012 and got confused as i walked up to the first tee. I was expecting this long downhill par five but i look at the score card and it was only a par 4. It turns out that they reversed the first seven holes of each nine, leaving 8, 9, 17, and 18 the same. it also confused my GPS that apparently didnt know the cousre was changed either.

There is no way that you can walk this course. some tee boxes are minutes away from each other in a cart. im sure that there could have been a better way to design this. also the fairways were eaten up like in the post.


Thanks for the tip. Just added a post about it. Spoke to the GM who said the change was made to improve pace and start the 18 closer to the clubhouse. Wind Watch is not a course for walkers -- I'm not even sure they let you walk.



I am very happy to see that my comment got noticed. thank you guys for taking note and making changes to your site. it makes your information very reliable and will keep me comming back and making more comments.

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