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July 02, 2011


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This is an all-around great golf course for both beginners and experienced players. Obviously the par 6 is a hole to remember, but I would like it to be a little longer in order to earn the par 6 title. I sliced my tee shot into the huge valley on the left (I’m a lefty) and even with a poor shot out of there I was able to manage par. this hole just needs more distance.

The Par 3 #13 is the sleeper hole to remember if you ask me. The longest par 3 on the course (184 and 224) plays to one of the narrowest greens I have ever seen. There is a huge trap in front waiting for any mishits and a smaller trap in the back for anyone that goes long. This green is no more than 10 paces at its widest point.


How does this course compare to Swan Lake? Which would you consider to be the better course?


Cherry Creek Links is long and dead straight. Great if you love hitting driver and attacking back-to-front greens. Tough if you lack distance or repeatedly find the high rough.

Swan Lake has more doglegs and shorter par-4s that allow some flexibility off the tee. The greens are huge, so you can be creative with the types of shots you play to get close, but the three-putts can pile up if you're not careful.

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