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February 28, 2014


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NOOOOOO!!! I cant believe that this keeps happening. the courses are crowded enough already, each time another course closes down means more crowds at all the other places.


I prefer Tallgrass, the links style course right down the road. They are reasonably priced and greens are in great shape!


Another hit to the public, ugh. While Tallgrass is one of my favorite courses around too, it's nice to have options. And, as I recall, Tallgrass is a little more expensive than Great Rock.

Jack Lynch

They sure stuck it to our golf club. In December they cashed our $800 deposit check for 2 outings this year & now there's nobody to contact. Nice operation.


I used to play with my group over there four or five times a year. I guess I'm moving over to Tallgrass, only game in town now. I haven't played there in a few years but I keep hearing its gotten a lot better. I always liked the layout better anyway.


I thought the game of golf is a game of being honest to do the right thing, call a rules violation on yourself. I guess it does not apply to the golf course operation. They took our money and ran like a thief in the night. I guess this is the type of example that others should follow. how about treat others as you want to be treated. SHAME ON YOU GREAT ROCK. If you had any self respect return our deposit.


I purchased a gift card and now am out the money and golf . you should be shot like the thieves u are


Took my money for a gift card days before closing and ran. lying b----s

anna Grazina

I have two gift cards of $200.00,what a rip off,Total Robbery!!!!!


The course is reopening on June 2 under new ownership and will honor Great Rock gift cards/certificates through this season.

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