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June 18, 2014


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Well written and spot on assessment. This was a horrible move and needs to be rectified. I can't see that many balls were hooked that badly. Yes, some lefty golfers may have sliced a few that way but big hooks usually don't travel high and far and I don't see that being the main culprit. Something needs to be done because this was one of the better holes on the course and is now the worst hole. It affects my overall view of this course.


Played it a few days ago. They are still maintaining the back tees on #6. You can drop back and play it as a par 4 if you dare.

gary schmitt

on the scorecard it's listed as par 3/4, both
tee boxes are maintained but generally the markers are in the par 3 area although that's mostly because of a legal issue with a neighboring house that a huge hook might hit. those in the know play it as a par 4, much better as a par 4 ,no doubt.

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